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Group Introduction

Shengdy Group, China’s industrial Ecosphere Pathfinder


Shengdy Construction Group Co., Ltd. was established in 1994. For over 25 years of innovative development, it has formed a diversified industrial ecosphere with Industrial, Commercial, Internet+ and Residences as its core business.


As China’s industrial ecosphere pathfinder, Shengdy Group has adhered to its corporate spirits of being “moral, hardworking, persevering and innovative”, actively carried out the relevant national policies, actively undertaken many first-batch pilot projects and successfully created many classic industry cases such as “Shengdy ? Shiling (International) Leather Centrum”, “Shengdy Global Trade Center” and “Shengdy ? International Automobile Industry Trade Port”. In the future, Shengdy Group will continue to follow its wish for building a diversified industrial ecosphere, lead the industrial updating, drive the urban upgrading, achieve harmonious development of economic and social benefits and thus jointly create a beautiful life.

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