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Shengmaotong : Export performance of $ 3.5 billion
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The cross-border e-commerce is a new growth point for the development of China’s foreign trade and the ways of market purchasing trade have expanded the foreign trade function of the traditional commodity market. The Shengmaotong foreign trade integrated service platform (for enterprises) has helped the small and medium-sized enterprises realize specialized foreign trade business and scale operation and thus greatly lowered their trade costs.

Since the startup in March 2017 to 2018, the total amount of export declaration of Guangzhou City generated from the “market purchase” has gotten to RMB 120.54 billion Yuan. The platform “Shengmaotong” is a pilot carried-out enterprise using the ways of market purchasing trade in the south China and it has provided the online and offline export integrated services for the micro, small and medium-sized enterprises to expand towards the international market. 

Service I: 1039 Export Services

Online and offline 1039 service centers

Service operating systems such as online 1039 putting on records, customs declaration, freight forwarding and exchange settlement

Experience stores of offline market purchasing trade service centers

The only intelligent operating system leading to the Guangzhou Market Purchasing Trade Networking Information Platform


Service II: 1039 Brand Incubation

Online Incubation: Shengmaotong has opened the platforms such as Alibaba Domestic, Alibaba International and JD.COM, invested in sales promotion and lowered the costs of factory network promotion and the operating pressure by bringing about direct orders for the factories.

Offline Conversion: Shengdy Group has contributed the initial investment of RMB 200 million Yuan in building offline purchase franchise stores and popularizing the factory commodities and brands as well as establishing a brand-new social-type export purchase experience and service system.


Service III: International Industrial and Commercial Services

Integrated enterprise services such as enterprise registration, trademark registration, finance and taxation appropriate for 50 countries


Service IV: Financial Instruments

1039 Special Financial Services

? Order finance

? Equity finance

? Exchange settlement finance

? Consumer finance

? Guarantee finance

? Angel investment

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